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ROUND 3  -  February 27th 2021

Danny and Robert Diaz

Danny Parrott interviews Robert Diaz, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Master Herbalist
Danny and Liz Glass

Danny Parrott interviews Elizabeth Glass.
Danny and Aimee Iovino-Primera

Danny Parrott interviews Aimee Iovino-Primera.
Danny and Dr. Ray Nichols

Danny Parrott interviews Dr. Ray Nichols.

ROUND 2  - February 13th, 2021

Jeff Witzeman and Andy Wakefield

Jeff interviews Andy Wakefield about his pursuit of the truth for children and health.
Jeff and Dr. Madej

Jeff interviews Dr. Carrie Madej on how she was so far ahead of the curve on knowing what was being done in the spring of 2020.
Jeff and Danny

Jeff Witzeman interviews herbalist Danny Parrott about the use of tinctures and tonics with natural herbs.

HFFH Launch February 6 2021

Ali Zeck and Alec Zeck

Ali interviews Alec in this powerful, emotional launching of HFFH.
Ali Zeck and Dr. Jess Peatross

Ali interviews Dr. Jess MD for the first HFFH live-a-thon
Ali Zeck and Jeff Witzeman

Ali interviews filmmaker Jeff Witzeman introducing some HFFH members.
Dr. Tommy John and Krystal Tini

Dr. TJ interviews Krystal Tini for the first HFFH liveathon.
Dr. Tommy John and Lorie Ladd

Dr. TJ interviews Lorie Ladd for the first HFFH Liveathon.
Dr. Tommy John and Dr. Northrup

Dr. TJ interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup for the first HFFH liveathon.
Jonny Juicer (Morelli)

Jonny Morelli interviews Eno, Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, Dr. Seth Gerlach.