About Us

We are a community of advocates, parents, teachers, actors, veterans, doctors, lawyers, and friends, who stand to ensure Health Freedom for all people. We come from every religion, political affiliation, socioeconomic background, and philosophy on personal health but are united in our belief that mandated medical procedures of any kind, medical coercion, or any restrictions on health choice violate basic human rights. We work to educate and empower our fellow citizens to defend this inalienable right. We declare freedom from the overreaching arm of Big Pharma and its bedfellows. We are unmovable and unstoppable.

We invite all of humanity to join us.


Health Freedom for Humanity unites people from all walks of life under one common purpose: the reclamation and defense of health freedom.

We believe that making one’s own health decisions, without coercion or force, is an inalienable right and increasingly under threat.

We welcome you to stand with us to protect and advance this right against all past, current, and future infringements, via education, personal empowerment, community support, and unity in action.


To uphold humanity’s right of medical freedom now and for generations to follow.



The innate expression of a being's spiritual, emotional, intellectual, mental and physical ability to adapt to the environment.  The all encompassing natural default state of the being with the presence of symptoms or "diagnostic" labels, or the absence of such-dependent on the accountability and responsibility of each individual to decide how this is expressed and who they decide to include in the aiding of this Innate expression.


The inalienable power of a being's ability to express their desires and health without limitation, coercion or resistance. This includes but is not limited to the right to speech, press, peacefully gather, religion and the choices and decisions of health and medical avenues.


The collective inhabitants of planet Earth and their ability to express love, kindness, compassion, empathy, anger and humility in a free and healthy state.