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Dr. Steph Young

Medical mandates and how to fight back.
HFFH: Mandates & How to Fight Back - Google Slides



Dr. Jen Barham-Floreani

What some of the biggest driving factors compromising children's health today are and strategies to bring the body back into balance.


Dr. Raymond Nichols
Stress and healing can not co-exist.
Jodie Meschuk
A crisis of poor gut health in children and what we can do to take control.
Dr. Melissa Sell

What is Germanic New Medicine?
Dr. Brad Campbell

What is Life? And The Death of a Symptom-Chasing Paradigm
Dr. Alex Lee

What is Life? And The Death of a Symptom-Chasing Paradigm
Andrew Genovese

Breath: The Gateway to Sovereignty
Jodie Meschuk

Informed Consent in the Pediatrician's office: Your voice and your choice from one parent to another.
Dr. Tommy John

Is your current approach to health actually working?
Dr. Seth Gerlach

Modern Medicine: How did we get here?
Dr. Stanton Hom

Normalizing vibrant health for life.
Grace Vanberkum

The best ways to stay positive during these times.
Dr. Ben Tapper

Discussing the cause of disease.
Sohail Shakeri

Discussing the importance of having authentic health freedom and bodily autonomy.
Jeff Witzeman on Censorship

Jeff takes us behind the scenes to understand the Pharma and Technocrat playbook on censorship.

Censorship Links

Ali Zeck & Yolande Norris Clark

Ali and Yolande Norris Clark talk about how to stay grounded in our essence and our truth.