Debunking the Nonsense Presentation

A presentation by Jacob Diaz, Mike Donio, Dr. Jordan Grant, Mike Stone and Alec Zeck addressing the fallacious reasoning, misinterpretations, and pseudoscience of virology.

From the presenters: “This field of so-called science is the foundation for which every tyrannical, inhumane measure was justified during the COVID-19 era.

The lockdowns, the social distancing, the masking, the experimental vaccines, the mandates, the business closures, the job loss, the severe depression, the economic impact, the censorship, the centralization of power, the increased government control, the segregation, the discrimination, the harmful hospital protocols, the unnecessary death, and every other piece of the official COVID-19 narrative rests on the shoulders of the completely unproven concept of pathogenic disease causing particles that are passed from person-to-person.

Additionally, much of the allopathic medical system is based on the pseudoscientific and unproven germ theory of disease, including childhood vaccination programs, which are responsible for tremendous harm across several generations of children.
We are of the firm belief that, if we are to get back to the true nature of heath and disease,
the germ theory of disease and virology must be dismantled, and the knowledge of its fallacious reasoning, misinterpretations, and pseudoscience must be widespread, especially amongst the health freedom community.

We hope that you’ll share this PDF and the corresponding video presentation with as many people as you can. On page 46 is a link to a frequently updated list of resources on this topic for those who wish to go deeper on any specific aspect of this presentation.”

Follow this link to download the PDF of this presentation:
Debunking the Nonsense PDF

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