“Heal the Food, Heal the World” with Nick Wallace

Nick Wallace thought of an idea, to make a snack stick that had a clean label and to use ingredients as pure as he could. Nick collaborated with a snack stick contact, however instead of agreeing to add nitrates, sugar and preservatives he challenged those standards. He was persistent to create the most natural snack he could. After trials and tribulations, he created the perfect snack stick, using 100% grass-fed beef, 100% pasture-raised turkey with organic seasonings. Since Wallace Farms started selling the product five years ago Nick’s Sticks have been a hit selling millions of sticks. Nick’s sticks are being eaten by the athletes for the Seattle Seahawks, the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Chicago Cubs. Nick’s Sticks are a great snack for athletes and common snackers alike, you have to try them for yourself! Two sticks per package.

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